Thursday, April 20, 2017

Don't Stop Koni 2017: A Hot Wheels Ford Focus RS Trio...

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Remember Kony 2012? Good, hopefully not. Koni 2017 is a much more positive message. Hot Wheels has released a wonderful trio of Koni-liveried '16 Ford Focus RS's in the 2017 mainline. First, there was the white release, then a ZAMAC and most recently a black re-color. Together, they make for a good-looking trio.

In typical Hot Wheels form, last year's debut of the '16 Ford Focus RS was super clean with no tampo work save for the headlights and grille. The sophomore trio, however, gets the works treatment. For 2017, the Koni-sponsored Focus trio features busy decor, but it's an appropriate and classy deco nonetheless. The '16 Focus RS is a really well-proportioned and accurate casting for a $1 piece and the real thing goes like stink. There's definitely a cool factor with this one, even if it is a Ford Focus. I hope you manage to find all 3! Not a bad set for $3 bucks if you ask me...Enjoy!

Happy Collecting!!

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