Sunday, March 19, 2017

2017 Hot Wheels Fast & Furious Bins are Hitting, well, fast & furious...

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If you live in Canada, Fast & Furious cars have been hitting for over a month now. If you live in the United States, like most of my readers do, your Walmart has probably got a Hot Wheels Fast & Furious bin this past week or two.

The 2017 Hot Wheels Fast & Furious set is easily the best F'nF themed release to date. This is the 3rd or 4th Walmart-Exclusive, Fast & Furious-themed 8-car set Hot Wheels has released and this time around the lineup is absolutely stacked.

This set's allure is causing it to be scooped up ridiculously fast from the pegs. I've even seen a couple folks buy an entire Fast & Furious dump bin. While I certainly won't be buying an entire bin of these, I did pick up a complete set.

For all the hype surrounding Fast & Furious, I've never been drawn to the Hot Wheels sets until now. So me buying a complete set is nearly as ludicrous as the diehards scooping up 5 or 10 sets.

The win factor with the 2017 Hot Wheels Fast & Furious set is casting selection, something this year's set outshines past sets in. It's a balanced mix--50% JDM and the other half US/Euro cars. The second success factor with this mix is execution. The winner of the set is far and away the Toyota Supra. I don't even particularly like the Supra casting, but when's the last time a basic car had front and rear detailing with clean sides and top? You'll have to look to the Matchbox line to answer that question. But this is a Hot Wheels and the minimalism really pops. Oh, did I mention the lace wheels? These wheels are making a real comeback and that's a good thing.

Johnny Tran's Honda S2K was a long time coming and perfectly reflects the movie version. While we've seen the blue and white Escort in the mainline, it's got extra shine this time with OH5's and metallic blue paint. The Skyline gets fantastic tail-end detail but lacks in the front end and is a repeat release. Nonetheless, it's still the hottest car in the set at the pegs. The Corvette is a little bland, but gets a license plate that past releases didn't have and has a clean simplicity about it. It helps that I collect the casting also. The Porsche 911 GT3RS is a fantastic looking release. This is one of the few Porsche castings I don't collect, but it's so refreshingly executed, I have to remind myself which Porsche casting I'm actually looking at each time I walk by. The Subaru casting does nothing for me, but it's a winner in this deco and wheel choice.

The only disappointment in the set is the Roadrunner. I really dig this casting, despite repeated collector complaints that it looks like a 4x4, it's got a nostalgic feel to it. Except this time the deco is really lacking. There's hardly any tampo work at all and no front/rear details to make up for it.

Enjoy the photos and let me know your favs in the comments below!

Happy Collecting!!

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